Lambdas – Exposing Disposable Resources in your API

February 2, 2010

The last article described the absolute (and I mean really absolute) basics of lambdas in C#. Assuming you’re continuing from there, where to next? Let’s use some lambdas. There are two approaches we can use. First is using lambdas in places you traditionally used other approaches. Second is using them in new and interesting ways. [...]

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C# Nuts and Bolts: Lambdas

February 1, 2010

You don’t need to use Lambdas to make a living writing code in .NET. You can probably get away with not even knowing what Linq is. You can also still find work coding in .NET 2.0. But that’s painfully BORING. So to avoid the stinging monotony of working in a 5 year reverse time-shift, let’s [...]

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Applied Functional: Getting User Input

January 31, 2010

The thing with spending time on functional programming is that the typical .NET programmer will not likely be able to write production code in F#, and almost certainly not in Haskell. But what you are able to do is apply a new set of problem solving approaches to your every day work.
So here’s a simple [...]

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C# Nuts and Bolts: Delegates and Functions, Part I

August 24, 2009

Two years ago I took up the OCaml programming language, purely out of intellectual curiosity. For me, OCaml was a gateway drug to functional programming in general. I’ve since spent a good bit of time with F# and Haskell. With the consulting work I do I don’t have the opportunity to use these languages in [...]

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Adding Concurrency Optimization in Silverlight 3

August 18, 2009

About a week ago Joa Ebert posted Flirting with Silverlight, in which he discussed his experiences with a cool little Lorenz attractor application. The strange attractor app (which you can check at his blog) was his way of playing around with the newly released Silverlight 3 (Props to Joa for some very cool work BTW). [...]

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